Sunday, September 28, 2008

All kinds of hazards await the artist

Being an artist is fraught with hazards, not only from the solvents and toxins which we breathe and often wear on our clothes and skin in our quest to bring inspirations to the world make-up the tubes, pans and sticks of colors, but there are of course the other hazards and challenges for finding that one angle or great image that often find themselves upon the canvas or paper. Then there are the other hazards we encounter in attempts to bring art to the people. Anybody who lives in New England and along the East Coast or anybody who might have been visiting this area of the country over the weekend will know just what was encountered as I traveled to Connecticut yesterday to deliver my painting to the 15th Annual National Exhibition “Renaissance in Pastel” to be held at the West Hartford Art League, October 2 – 26, 2008.

The normal travel time to this venue from my house is about one hour and forty five minutes. It took me more than 2.5 hours to and another 2.5 hours home yesterday as torrential downpours hindered driving, caused accidents, of which I was fortunately not involved, and turned highways into waterways. I had a tractor trailer pull into my lane without about four feet between my front and his rear, and another guy jammed on his brakes and stopped in the middle lane of the highway, forcing me to skid and maneuver into the next lane, which brought me up along side of him where I saw nothing in his front to merit such a move. The car in his front was at least four to five car lengths away. Fortunately I was even further behind him when he did this but still, it was a harrowing experience/ I had not driven in such rain since I got caught in a severe thunderstorm in Maryland on I-70.

All in all though, from what I saw, the show looks to be top notch, so I hope you get to visit. As always, thanks for your support and see you out “Painting the Soul of America!”

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