Friday, June 30, 2017

July Day (Gloucester Coast) 11 x 14 Uart 400 grit 8 Ply board

In Gloucester, Massachusetts they have a famous statue on the boulevard with the caption “They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships” dedicated to those that make their living from the sea, who never returned to their loved ones. People will often wonder what makes them go out in all kinds of weather and risk their lives for so little return. It is love that makes them cast off their lines, tempting fate. We all remember our first love and our greatest love. The mystical powers that love holds over us. That is the story of those who live and battle the sea. They experience that first love each time their boat cuts a wave, they bring in a catch; they mend a net. They risk everything for love! As do all of us. My family comes from Gloucester and I have ventured there often and still do. It is on days like this that I fell in love with the ocean and why I will forever embrace its charm, beauty and fury.

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