Monday, July 14, 2008

2008 Paint the Parks - Top 200

With nearly 1000 total entries, and trust me, that’s a lot of entries for an art exhibition, yours truly has learned that my submission, "Acadia Overlook II "(sorry, blogger won't allow me to upload the picture, but you can get to it by clicking the title ) has been selected and honored as part of the top 200 paintings for the 2008 Paint the Parks. Considering this is my first time entering the competition, it’s not a bad showing at all. To think, if it weren’t for my friend and fellow artist Lisa Harman mentioning the event, I would not have entered at all. I had heard about it in the past, but had pretty much forgotten about it until Lisa sent me an email and encouraged me to enter – Thanks Lisa! Of course, now I’ll have to really get cracking in an attempt to crack the Top 100 next year!!!

Thanks for listening and see you out “Painting the Soul of America!”

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