Monday, July 21, 2008

Brief Cases / Short Spans

In Webster’s Dictionary, they define the word Treasure as “money/jewels/gold” I often find myself using the word “treasure” when describing the lands of our America and how they and the stories they often have to share with each of us inspires me in my work.

Though walking upon these lands, absorbing my surroundings, breathing in the life about me instills in my heart the creative spirit, I have also often found inspiration in the written word. Many times, it will be the written word, something I have read in a book, a magazine, in an online article, that speaks to me and compels me to create a piece of artwork. One source of writing I find myself turning to for inspiration is the writings of a local author named Tom Sheehan. Tom is a true treasure in his own right. He is a master storyteller who creates yarns of interest and substance that are full of wonderful characters. Much of his work focuses on his family, friends, buddies with whom he served in Korea or on the playing fields of the hometown we share, Saugus, Massachusetts.

In addition to both being graduates of Saugus High School and members of the Saugus Athletic Hall of Fame, Tom and I also share a creative spirit. And, while inspiration from Tom’s written words can often be found in the strokes of color in my paintings, I have also found myself tied to Tom’s work in other ways; including having been a character in one of his stories, and having one of my paintings grace the cover of his book “Epic Cures” published by Press 53.

In October 2008 I will be fortunate once again to be a part of Tom’s work when my painting “Burnside’s Bridge” will find itself on the cover of his new collection of short stories “Brief Cases Short Spans” also published by Press 53. I’ve included for you here, an advance copy of that cover. I hope that this brief introduction of Tom and the image of my painting will inspire you to pick up a copy for yourself, for family or friends and discover this author who is a treasure. Perhaps with a little prodding you can get the author and artist to sign your copy.

Thanks for listening. Until next, see you out “Painting the Soul of America!”

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