Monday, July 7, 2008

Artist Jeff Fioravanti enters the blogosphere

A friend of mine recently reminded me to write what you know as I prepared to develop this blog. I don’t know much, at least I never felt like a fountain of knowledge but a lack of knowledge hasn’t stopped me in the past, so why start now! So, here it goes my foray into the cyber realm that is blogging.

I will start this by stating, that your guess is as good as mine as to where this might lead. Frankly, I don’t know what to expect by blogging!?

In my conversations with people, as an artist and about being an artist, I have often gotten the sense that people’s expectations of artists is that they possess some profound wisdom; anyone who has met me knows that not to be true. Personal experience also tells me that artists or creative people who tend to take that ivory tower mentality thus propagating the idea that we artistic folks do reside on some ethereal plain aren’t what they pretend to be, and so, neither should you that them as such.

Conversely, I shall pretend to be nothing more than somebody who wishes to share his gift for seeing, light, shadow, tone, space, etc., with each of you. I shall share with you, the inspirations and meditations, the insights and feelings that prompted me to paint a specific scene, or moment. I state here and now, it is not always profound, but rather, just an instinct that it feels right.

Well, blogs are supposed to be short, and I can get rather long winded, and who wants to be putting people to sleep on the opening day? So, if you’re ready, so am I. Let us journey together, along rocky shores, through pristine fields, up the sides of mountains, and along cool running streams. Let us discover the world that is outside our doors, the stories that can be found in such treasures, and let us venture forth on a journey that will find us “Painting the Soul of America”


Novus Livy said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Jeff!

I, for one, and proud to share light, tone, color, etc. with you.

Jeff D.

Kevin said...

Great idea, Jeff. Thanks for keeping me posted. Now go create some art.