Sunday, July 19, 2009

Latest Work

Good Sunday Afternoon,

I do hope this finds you well, and as always send my best. Summer is finally here along with the sun. Of course, that also brings the humidity which is never a favorite of yours truly. However, I still can't complain as I lasted until July 18th before turning on the AC.

Anybody who has ever driven the Northeast coastline and especially along the Coast of Maine, you will often see the little dinghy's and skiffs tied to the dock after a days work awaiting the next day when their owner comes calling to once again venture forth to harvest the sea. The Northeastern United States along the coast also possesses a special light that only serves to add to the romance of these scenes. Belfast, Maine is about an hour to hour and half east of Augusta and maybe 3.5 - 4 hours north of Boston. It's quaint, and relaxing and well worth the trip.

Until next, I remain,

Artistically yours,