Saturday, September 27, 2014

I just want to write a quick post about a little known company in Lynn, Massachusetts that is doing a world of good for the creative world and for the environment. Extras Creative Reuse under the guidance of Jocelyn Almy Testa is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to helping reduce the human footprint on the world while giving back to the creative and business communities.

Often teachers are left to provide art supplies to their students. Extras helps. Many students, K-12 and in college do not have the financial means to obtain top quality art products or school supplies. Extras helps alleviate this. Groups trying to bring a bit of normalcy to the lives of people in recovery and struggling with addiction, or other issues, through art, need low cost supplies to help these people in their recovery. Extras can help. Businesses just starting out, with little to no capital are in need of supplies to help them get started and take those first steps on their dream of owning their business and making a life for themselves and their family. Extras can help.

You can help too. If you are an artist with items just sitting around that you are not going to use, perhaps your work has taken a different direction, or you now work in a different medium, and you need room in your studio, Extras can help. (plus you donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law given Extras is a 501c3 organization) If you are a business and you have times, paper, office supplies, that maybe have a wrong logo, or just are taking up space because you have moved, or are moving, Extras can help.

In a world where so many are out for themselves, isn't it good to have a company that is out there for all? Please give Extras Creative Reuse a look and donate, donate, donate! You can find at the web site them below.

Extras Creative Reuse
Just would like to announce that I have a new print released. If you are looking for a unique gift a car buff for their birthday, holidays, here is a great idea. These come singed and limited and are available on both watercolor and canvas. Drop me a line if interested. As always, thanks for your interest.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Just a quick little post to share two recent paintings that have just been completed. The first is a pastel, 12 x 18 unframed, on Wallis paper. The image is from along Rte 3 in Maine, heading West from Belfast toward Augusta.

The second image is a 10 x 14 oil on canvas of the start of autumn on the Medomak River near Union, Maine.

Soft Summer Flow (pastel 12 x 18)

Medomak River (Union, Maine 10 x 14 oil)