Thursday, October 22, 2009

“Art Blog Keeps Morgan Elementary School Art Class in Touch with Massachusetts Artist”

Lynn, MA (October 13, 2009) – for just about a month now, the students of Ms Rahrig’s art class at Morgan Elementary School in Hamilton, Ohio have had the unique opportunity to ask questions of artist Jeff Fioravanti, a nationally recognized and award winning pastel artist from Lynn, Massachusetts.

How does an artist from Massachusetts become part of an art class at an elementary school in Ohio?

“As a visual artist with a web site, I receive a number of queries through my contact page” mentioned artist Jeff Fioravanti. “Now the down side to that is you also get a lot of spam and scams, I want to buy your painting, please ship it to my home in South Africa, etc., etc., and so you have to be skeptical at times when you open up those web site queries” added Jeff.

“Sometimes though, you get something that is rather unique and special. I’ve gotten contacts from relatives whom I had never met, developed friendships and perhaps the most interesting thus far has been the contact from Ms. Jenna Rahrig, the art teacher at Morgan Elementary” commented Mr. Fioravanti.

“This is my 4th year teaching and I decided 3 years ago to name my tables in my class after an important artist” stated Ms. Rahrig.

“I started off using artists such as Picasso, Degas, Pollock etc. The students would at sometime during the school year, ask me if the artists were still alive and I always had to reply with a no. So last year, I taught my 4th grade class about 6 different Ohio Artists since the students study Ohio History in Social Studies” added Jenna.

“This year I decided to combine my "Happy Birthday to the Artist of the Month" bulletin board with my classroom tables. One day I was looking on the internet for this project and when I found Jeff’s name listed” continued the art teacher. “I investigated him and his work further and decided he was the type of artist that I wanted to share with my students. As part of that project, I started an art blog where the students, parents and staff can ask questions of Jeff” continued Ms. Rahrig.

“So far, I think it has been a most enjoyable and informative manner in which to involve the kids in art, and get them to talk to and receive answers to their art questions from a real life artist” added Jenna.

Ms. Rahrig is in her fourth year teaching art to grades 1-5 at the Morgan Elementary School, 3427 Chapel Road, Hamilton, Ohio.

Jeff Fioravanti, who is listed in "Who's Who in American Art" and “Who’s Who in America,” is a member of several nationally recognized and respected art associations. Possessing signature membership in three of the most prestigious pastel societies in America including, “The Pastel Society of America, New York, NY”, “The Connecticut Pastel Society, Meriden, CT” and “The Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod, Barnstable, MA”, the artist is noted for his common man, evocative and touching treatment of his subjects. He especially continues to gain notoriety for his series of works featuring the pristine landscapes important to the foundation of our nation including the “Hallowed Ground” of America’s Civil War.

For additional information about the artist, please visit his web site at, or contact him via phone at 781-595-5961. Additional information may also be obtained by visiting, A.R.A. Gallery, S. Hamilton, MA, Art 3 Gallery, Manchester, NH, and T.L.G.U.T.S., Lynn, MA.