Monday, July 20, 2015

After work today, I headed north to Kennebunk, Maine to meet with Julia Einstein, gallery directory at River Tree Arts, 35 Western Ave, Kennebunk, Maine. Approximately two weeks prior to today I had had a phone conversation with Ms Einstein regarding my artwork and perhaps my showing in her gallery. After that phone conversation, we had left it that we would meet in person on one of the upcoming Monday afternoons she would be in the gallery. Today was the day. I brought with me six originals and some samples of my prints. We discussed my work, the pieces I had brought and after a little over an hour, I left with four pieces, as she decided she would like to keep the two below to include in her current exhibition Summer Fresh Air, which will be on display until September 26, 2015. These pieces both just recently returned from national exhibits and the piece "Buoys Night Out (Little Lake St. George, Liberty, ME)" received the Dick Neuville Memorial Award the recent Pastel Painters of Maine national Juried Exhibition at the Lewis Gallery at the Portland Public Library, Portland, Maine. River Tree Arts is open M-Fri 10 AM - 6:00 PM and Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM. There are also extended hours each month when they open additional exhibitions, including an upcoming opening July 31, 2015, with hours from 4-7 PM. I hope you will get up to Kennebunk, Maine and check out the exhibit and of course my artwork. In closing, thanks to longtime friend John Spinney for putting me in touch River Tree Arts and specifically Julia Einstein. Also to Caren-Marie Michel a fine artist, friend and instructor at River Tree Arts. Additional information about River Tree Arts can be found on their web site and on their Facebook page

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