Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Winter’s Gold (Breakheart) 9 x 12 UART 400 grit 8 ply board

After surgery in January, there were few activities I was allowed to pursue or enjoy as I recovered. One thing I was allowed was the opportunity to walk. They encouraged me to walk. Having grown up in Saugus, Massachusetts, not far from the Saugus Iron Works, National Historic Site, I knew the perfect place to get myself out of the house and enjoy one of the few exercise options allowed: Breakheart Reservation.

I spent countless hours at the hockey rink near the Saugus entrance to Breakheart, but it wasn’t until much later in life that I started spending time walking and enjoying the trails of this oasis of nature not far from US Route One. As my wife battled cancer, which would eventually claim her, she often would ask to go to Breakheart to walk. I think it allowed her for a few hours to forget her illness and I was more than happy to accommodate here. There are paved hills, though vehicles are not allowed, and that allows for peacefulness without rival so close to Boston. Breakheart is 640 acres with several hills 200 feet or higher allowing for views of Boston.

During one of my many walks, I would often pass this stream. Since I was there early in the morning, I would get to see the sun dance across the snow and add beautiful colors to the rocks caressed by the winter water. I loved the light, the contrast and how the water and its hints of orange and yellow played off the cool blues and purples of the snow. Now the memory of those walks helps to keep me cool on these long, warm summer days.

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