Monday, April 16, 2018

Sanctuary (Inner Harbor, Rockport, MA)
Pastel 17.75 x 22.75 400 Grit UART 8 ply board 

No offense to my south shore and southern New England brethren but I have always found the coast of New England, northern New England with its rocks and strong lines more interesting than the sandy dunes more often found on Cape Cod and other areas south of Boston. But no matter where you prefer or reside, sailors and fisherman have long found the harshness of the storms that come off the Atlantic with those North East winds need special protection. They built harbors, like this one in Rockport to protect their livelihood from the wrath of Mother Nature. Even behind granite structure like this did not always provide safety for when Mother Nature truly is angry with her children there is no sanctuary or escaping her fury. 

1 comment:

Unknown said...


Such a timeless moment
To stand by the water's ledge.
To feast eye upon nature's weathering of what seems to exist.
Only to be marked by an artist in truth.
Whom finds sanctuary across stone into a pool of reflection.

Yet acknowledges the wrath of mother's nature fury in which whom one might consider to be an awesome sanctuary.

My Love, it is surreal.
Such a magnificent painting.