Monday, May 28, 2018

Summer Breeze 12 x 16 pastel on 8 ply UART Board, 400 Grit

Living in New England sometimes it feels like we have only two seasons, Winter and not Winter. The summer’s can at times be rather cool and other times quite hot. It is the way that Mother Nature intends as hearty New Englanders we adjust accordingly. That being said, it is during the Winter time that days of Summer can help carry us through the cold, snow, slush and barren gray of the day. The thoughts of sitting by the shore as a warm sun filters down, the one you love on your arm as day sits in the time that is not quite afternoon, but not evening either, when the breeze kicks up and a waves seem to increase in sight and sound, the blues and greens mix together, close to the shore the seaweed sways in the pull of the currents and is seen through the entwined foam and water. Spray hits the rocks illuminating all kinds of colors forged so very long ago. It is peace, it is tranquility and it is all lost on a Summer Breeze.

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