Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Each Year the Rose Returns 16 x 20 pastel on 8 ply UART Board, 400 Grit

Witness to children’s voices, lover’s strolling by, warm summer rains, and winter’s chill. The tragedy of life and it’s best moments too. A bride standing nearby with hope and dreams not yet realized. The gnarled bones of an old man clutching his popcorn to feed the geese, as he remembers with heavy heart she who left not a year ago. Each year the rose returns to bring joy to those who stop for a moment to marvel at its beauty. Most just push by heading to a meeting with that impossible client, cell phone to ear or some distraction that results in head bent oblivious to what surrounds them beyond the illuminated screen the captures their stare. But oh, those who stop, the wind, the sun, that one person, eyes transfixed, to marvel at what they are, will make the resplendent bloom determined to return year after year.

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